Aug 122011
Rounder than grass, higher, tufted tribes--

Green in a field of green, my root
fattens to bitterness
                                 --Bitter, ha-ha!
Even without kissing, you are bitter
--Love's loser, you! 
                                   --No hand comes
to pick me
                   --Cow-teeth piss on your meat!--

Oh, I am lonely! 
                             --Look at my mop, long
and green, green
                            --Blend and bend with us--
No time to be sorry for yourself
   --in this wind
                      --Oh, poop, I never liked 
my stink
                --No? Me neither, yours--

Small, white, and underground, my secret
heart--For me myself, these thoughts--
I'm not sharing
                          --Selfish prig
snob, that one--Aloof
 --Still, she smells
--Same as the rest of us, strong garlic
I can read her mind--(She kissed me once,
    --Who wants to be dull grass? --
Dust-seeds, every face the same--Bleh--

I am strong, plump, an innertube tuber!
--Night carries our scent far
--Lovers sneeze
who lie with me
    --Cow-pats rot scentless here--
Eat of me and breathe fire!
       --I am whiskey,
wild, free and writhing!--Ha-ha!
or be bitten!
--Let's take the field toward
the house and spoil the laundry with our B.O.
--Get yer sprout off'n me
      --I am withered,
high on a dry dirt-lump
  --I see the wood's edge,
a gauzy screen of birches
      --Feel that wind!
--That dust!
                    --Spritzy as a spring shower,
--I am not like these
other wild onions
       --I am sweet, meaty,
and friendless
--I am lonely
--I am quiet
--I keep to myself among everyone--
but, shhhh… I don't want to
--Ooooo, wind!
--An earthworm tickles me
I grew too boldly
      --Take that, misery!--
Don't shove, I'll shove!
  --Love, don't shove--
    --You, you've pushed me into
the shade!
       --Hah hah nah nah-nah--
I'll get you
       --As if they mattered
        --Oh, look
a damn cloud found us
    --Rain, rain go-away
--La-la lah la la-la!
         --I won't
 --I won't
     --I won't--
Be able to raise
 --my voice
       --my voice
   	  --my voice--
Scattered drop drabs
         --bip bip blip

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