Nov 132013
How long had one waited for revelation?
For a lash to whip the spirit to its utmost,
To enfroth chaos as a whale's fluke flaunts the sea?

How long had one awaited revelation, 
Awaited and been found wanting, waited beyond
Known answer or any wish for knowledge?

The hour of revealing love, reviling hate
Is at hand--the enviable hour, veritable prick
Of second sweep and minute barb and hour

Hand tripled.  Louring clouds unfold foil,
Tarnished light over the childhood house.
Ecstatic revelation pours out, bare and poised.

How long one has stood pounding erasers
And considering the abyss, pondering improbables,
Mysteries and their majesties, the glassy scales

Of wind-chimes rearranged, made major,
Promoted through September air as rainbows--
Enlarging pirouetted splits and plies of spectrums   
Until all sky is filled with dance, with a single dance,  
A dancer who dares and darts, lurid purple-blacks to blues, 
From blue to honey-yellowings to lucent chalks 
At one with wispy trailings of the clouds.

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