Sep 142011
A suppose is a suppose is a...
Limber lasso of Tea Leonis, looping and limpid.

Here I float ... forgotten and talentless
Among numb unknowns of words, spermy words
Fishing for finishes....

Each word a weight to sink the bait
Wriggling its links of heartbeats.
No knowing comes to caustically swallow
The proffered oblations of ignorance
               --Stiff wicks awaiting enlightenment.
Ignorant divots flay my driving field,
Each divot devoutly a prayer
               To drive true
               To some teleological terminus.
O Tea Leoni
Know my unknowingness,
Parse my pickled presumptions
And inscribe a prescription under each eyelid,
Some fluff of a fluttering antidote.
Stop these filaments of questionmarks
Swelling my throat like a feather boa,
Fashioning incertain alternatives
               In my make-believe brain,
Aggrieved and giveless.

O salvÈ salvÈ
Moisten and close, clock and lock, 
The click-if-click of my soiled supposery
Churning mud-dumb propellers
In bayous gone by
                     O salvê!

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