Aug 212011
Hey you!  Settle them with cigarettes
Or with fabulous lassoes cast high corral
The jittery arpeggios of choristers,
A most disorderly sorority, drunk
On song and wit as their hale hosannas 
Divot the friendly sky.

The time for uncounted choirs of praise
Zagging the azures in brightened blaze
Is over.  Call the kiddies to their vittles.
Settle down around the plain broad board.
Line the bench with fat behinds, and tuck
The checkered napkins tight
To quell the singers' appetites.

Sit still like an emanation of content,
At the end of singing, at the end of day.
Let blue silk robes fall stately to stiff feet.
Let there be, at last, a last reality,
Without suggestion.  A cold bean soup.
Let leaden lentils lard the golden guts.

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