Nov 132013
Because you took me to bed, I love you. 
Because your sex wraps around me 
And my body falls out of myself 
Like a flower, I love you. 
Wisdom doubles itself like a germ, 
Adding body to body.  Your eye 
Adds itself to my eye, and we go on seeing: 
New things, new newness. 
Cicadas, windfall, our braiding bodies--
Tender, joyful, awake in each other,  
Simple as forgetting. 
A slow-crawl cross, holy and mossy. 
Hesitant as a craving bee I explore you completely, 
Exhausting the tassels of sunlight, 
Removing valuable essences even by the powdery moon.
And its lonely magnet unites us, crests in us. 
Stale, silly and small, 
I return to the gorgeous orchard of your arms. 
Your arms tensile and lively as if managing a sailboat. 
The heavy sail red, full of bloods, wombs. 
But agile anyway in the universe that blows it 
Before your face, in the front of the dawn, 
Your hair whipping! 

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