Sep 142011
"Brother, I've a shiv for your spotless side.
Authority's glory. You glow in God's eyes,
The only free thing who's immediately obedient.
Unpausing panegyric to the Creator's cabal!
Only the brainless, the recklessly loyal,
Fly fired in ire or sit titivating introiblios
At the unheard word of the Lord Our God--
Out-thrust from grace you go--a holy turd."

Abel's Cain
"Co-created creature inhabiting God's grace,
How like two ears of grain we thrive from a single stalk,
Listening to the mystery that lights, at dawn,
At dusk, in sourceless fog or stippled night,
Our heavenly way.                          
               . . .Oh, Cain, our cable's snapped
That had our frailer lights attached, and now
Into God's welcoming grace we each must go
By nether paths neither tended nor knows."

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