The Camp-Out

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Aug 122011
Burnt dirt
charred where
the cherry fire

Irish whiskey
dancing around the bonfire
shoes off shirts

Bratwurst dripping
greasy brown sweat
into baked beans
in an iron pot

the car doors up
like beetles' wings
our hands by accident

on the same

The Box Turtle

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Aug 122011
christlike waits
for death
on the open road

loving the open sun
and hot asphalt
by the empty sidewalk

no one watches his toes
curl and uncurl
in the pink heat--

repeated in the orange stamp
on his back
and his hard tooth-yellow belly

his small ancient eyes
close in ecstasy
as the sun engulfs his shell

--from the furtive 

a galvanized safety rail
he stepped slowly 

a million years or so each
step nothing
in his mind but the sun

Farmer Ed

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Aug 122011
Early the fields
are broken and turned--
early from Lakewood
Sanchez' bus

Before obscure faces
breath steams blue
--and white
coffee steams

Seen things
need feeding if later
they are to be 

Already farmer Ed
is cursing
--the whole sit-
uation is fucked

Dawn pales--
spreading stalk
by stalk 
the least color

Neatly the trowel
goes in again
again neatly

Ice skims
the dented pail--
the brown furrows

The Battered Tree

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Aug 122011
Once evergreen
a firm cypress 
vitally upright 
as living flame
storm after storm
housing grackles
quick woodthrush
and inquisitive cats
now shows golden
brown branches some
soft as age spots
amid deep greens
and lower a bare
dead wing of sticks
one child yanks
to attack another
in the sunny yard
so hard the whole
tree shakes.