Nov 132013
You, timid discourser of despair:
Say torn clouds like ragged lambs
Miserably impinge upon
A ramping sun of yellow summer,
     Lion-wild, his great
     Gold mane a-shake!

Sniff-snaffer of etiquette, thou:
Snub the afternoon's warm doings,
Laugh at the passing riff-raff of light,
Guffaw at the twinkling mica flakes
     That flicker upon Hopatcong,
     Lake of icicle licks!

Wait silent beside my shoulder awhile:
Follow my finger where clay hills rise,
Lifting a gem-green foam of trees--
Irreverent altar, wave of purest dirt,
     Offering scent of earth-sacrifice 
     To noses, in bowls of reddest clay!

OK, OK.  Go be defeated, Ricardo,
Hater of this habitable weather,
Despiser of our venerable sphere
That rolls on from chaos to chaos,--
     A huge dog's toy cussedly tossed
     For what outsized jaws to fetch?

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