Nov 132013
The moon despairs;  seraphim in tears
Dream among heaven-scented blooms, bows
Tautly in hand, eliciting from the fatal viols
Spectral sobs glissading azurest corollas--
That day of your first, blessed kiss.

O vision of love, return to me, martyr me!
Lick, inhale old wines of that dear perfume, sadness,
Left after regrets and deceptions depart--
Unrinsed leavings of the gathering Dream,
Fortissimo moanings sunk in the heart 
That collects them, big as a sink.

In disarray, I cast my wandering eyes 
Distraught upon the pavement pale....

And then--sunshine in your hair (on the street,
At evening) appears, and your lilt-lit laugh returns:
An apparition of the blonde fey with her bright cap
Who once upon the sleepy beatitudes of enviable childhood
Trespassed, trailing from pale fingers of her half-closed hands
Shaken bouquets of milk-scented stars. 


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