Aug 122011
Equally the sun
Rose reckless and brave that day
As each day since has done.
Alone in our shoes, our lives
We rose ignorant that day
Who went too wise and teared to bed;
We stepped forth from our thousand dreams
To the thousand chores at dawn
Noon could not recall. 

Equally the sun
Attends us or our graves;
And equally the sun
Lets us love or rave.
Our humanity is common.
It's a truth that's often said,
Common as dung and dirt
And prayers left unsaid.
Ironically we live,
And ironically will expire.
Equally the sun
Will blight or bless desire.

Our arms caught round 
The pounding hours
We moved where we meant to be.
Equally the sun
Showed all that is has been
And all shall be again.
Off the towering shoulders
And out of the towering night
Comes a terrifying image
We had not made alone,
An image made of death
To shred us to the bone.

Our shoes would not come off again
In the world we'd understood,
The one the moonshone bedstand showed
Composed of dreams of the Good. 
Equally the sun
Had whispered “Be unafraid,”
On all the days that made us.
And equally the sun,
In dream or day begun
(As in day or dream we steer),
Shines silently and sure
On all our mortal measure,
And on all our mortal fear.

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