Sep 142011
The Smithsonian's dusty trumped-up American Bald
Glares glass-eyed from its cement stem
Flightless adherent to its typeset caption
"This specimen typifies..."

White-cloth greatness fitted to a character-trait--
Gestures grand enough for "something"
Parodied into "plausibility."
                                        Daring airs
Are glass-encased, and grounded goes the mobile soul
Once limber and viscous as a spiky rose.

				        All's choral,
Collegial lean-togethers, mediocre ochers
Detailing a dulling sunset--
Not the hazardous edge of new dawn,
Clouds, clouds "by the skyful,"
The wee eye a-glitter, an observatory dome
              open to the cosmos
And more.

The great green agate door of Oz
Stands pried wide, stoppered open.
Shall we fall into the verdant velvets,
Eat the wheats sizzling in their millions?
Come, here's my hand,
		        toad-wet, willing--

Here's the heart-mouth pledge--
	and the plunge, the plunge
	that mimes the promise mum.

	Down we float
		careening reagents
	ripped to splinters
		and sailing anyhow onwards.

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