Nov 132013
Public men in a public time, large-armed,
What have they to do with love, the double
Solitude to which all consummate desire comes?
Whispered vows and private pets as soft
As raindrops, preach from no soapbox pulpit
To captivated crowds, but singly lick
Wordy seeds into receptive ears of earth.
Unloving laws of the public men, large-armed,
Bind all affections, communal to a common postern
Past affection's expiration.

                              Who can inhale a scent,
However intensely tart, however vast,
Waving winds have whipped away?  So loves 
And lovers go sinuous through our lives--
Twinned rivers escaped beyond our bending,
Far past poets' suasive sigh or snit fantastic.

Laws, too, are nothing in the heart's demesne,
A febrile fence erected for leanest leaping,
Advice for ears reddened by their own desires
Obedient to an inner sing-song no orator can echo.

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