Nov 132013
Here is the day, the bridal day undaunted;
Here noon, at highest noon... hesitates...
The height of summer, at its crest arrested,
Held between warm hands to kiss--
The levitated real at pause in sun's perfection;
Paused because we cannot see, cannot imagine
Beyond such ripeness--as a tear unspilled,
Brimmed to the rich roundness of a world,
A whole world held in little in its little globe:
Le soliel triumphant, hesitant, yet not beyond
The hale wholeness and circumference of our sphere.

Here Wally waited for a change that surpassed
Surrender, that grew grander than honeycomb tombs
Of profoundest vested men in their nacre gloom,
Writ in the minty script of ceaseless leaves
Arisen without thought of autumn in their sap,
Without a death hissing in their desire, nor any
Belated "maybes" in their numberless noise of "yes,"
Noise of summer unceasing, green forest
To green seas unceasing, zones of summer 
Arranging rays of summer sun outright--
Out, out, beyond star-strung dews of night.

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