Jan 142015
I who stood on sand and said
The God-word aloud in my shivering pride,
Watch mansion and turret rook beneath the tide
That roars above my body's fevers.

Instead of dwelling in forever
I came to the crooking shore of here
As the last darks broke and dawn recalled
Heats that create the damned and the dear.

Now cool and straight as eve's dark grace,
Now lumped as fever's lesions,
I stand unmanned, unmade, in the shriving space--
A shadow man born of shadowed son.

I who was sky and wind before the stars shone
Before earth filled with grave and tower,
Before my star-marked unmaking stand
Alone and voiceless in unsaying sands.

The wry wink is dead that fetched me manifest
From darks surrounding shore and star;
Now landward ho the shapeless foams
Remake my manless nothingness.

Never again will I crawl into a star
And dawn across ages to a planetary birth.
I am undone in both seed is and shared are.
I have no claim to make but death's.

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