Aug 122011
The moon became a motion I'd once forgot,
A blur in a cheap reflection of a stranger's face,
Potentially important, no more than that,
A place I'd visited, once, in a dream that seemed 
No dream, but had lost the ingenious souvenirs
That kept imagination avid in the garden,
Beneath the qua distractions of the leaves,
The solemnities of roses, the junk geraniums,
Patching life together from the shards
Of whatever fell from whatever was the sun. 

Hares in clover ignored the birds that were
Zen angels of their shared paradise
Above the dirty water smoky in its dish;
So, too, I had ignored--something, something
Important but indistinct, a vital cog in what
Goes whirling round--no, that's not it, not quite.
I felt there was an awful suavity to things,
A hidden grace to every flagrant gaffe,
A swoon in the hips of each marching martinet,
A subtle doubleness to every dromedary.

My only clue was something I'd forgot to do,
An inference of fantastic in the backyard's bland,
A something more than the shrubbery at hand,
The dirty water, the hares and reiterative birds.
Something, something....
                          And it was evening;
Everything of daylight had receded in a wave
Of going hot, or coolness coming on--each piece
Became unpuzzled, a part of evening's grey
In a velour of shadows my imagination maimed.
And then there was the omnipresence of the moon.

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