Nov 132013

“…man is insular and cannot be touched. Every man is an infinitely repellent orb, and holds his individuality on that condition.” ~~ Emerson

Summer fumbles brown within me. 
Unignited bloods merely flow as
Summer batters the repellent orb of me,
Slow-floods the basement of my being bright.
Fulminate furors of sun and power now
To extremities stretch: fingertips itch,
Tempted to catch, to cage the charring star
Flaming blameless in his mercurial circuit.

His shine is in me divinely, or so it seems,
My bloods tumbling from brown to sheen
As summer decants its blazed extremes.
I am made mighty, a Dionysus supreme
Lapped in sultry skins of beaten bronze,
Unrepentant for my daylit minute
As gorgeous summer cartwheels blue above
And my lucid orbs, engaged, engorge.

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