Aug 122011
Ordained by necessity
--the necessity
of mathematics--

the blossoming sweet pea plants lie
red pink white
in rows

orderly by a neat man well
placed and spaced
but not

overly so the sex
fused in them

the modest veiny petals
center of the

there are those tall short and
ones round and wrinkled
the peas

themselves encased the ovum
grown fat with potential
the seeds

dangling cocooned in green
from the stalks
the stems

the sepals dried up out
of the attracting

a withering
the fruit

near these over a few
feet a simple step

ready at hand to put in the seed
in his quiet black
suit white

collar strapping his
neck hiked up
to the jaw

to put the seed
to bed the

a cleric who named the traits
himself dominant
and recessive

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