Aug 292011

Our interim swimmer
The flotsam of a dreamer
Will drift and shrug on whatever log
Drifts and shrugs along.

Among warm fantasies of existence
He'll pip himself a prince
Or surmise a wisp a whip
Coiling angrily at his hip,
His own dark, androgynous
Urges to nip and sharply shape
And torture into consciousness
Speech where a beast would gape.
Forgetting in the momentarily kind
Regard or design of a cumulus cloud
And friendly D vitamin sunshine
How a taut tiger might lie supine
Between the shadow and the visible
He considered that nature and nurture
Had made him of all things the richer.

The circumlocution of the clouds
Said nothing to him; of this he was proud.

He thought: to be awake but unaware,
To not be subject to thought's despair
Or consciousness' superstitious care
That inscribes the history of the tribe
Into every member's singular side
-- a Rotary Club tattoo, the gestural
Cool of a Crip or Blood's hand signal
That had DNA for its original--
Is to give up or resign
Your part in the human sublime,
To abandon the spiral nadir
Of accomplishment's stair
To the deterioration of clumsy Time
Dirtying suavity's shine.

A barracuda acting as it was told
Skirled to the surface, garish and bold.

He thought thinking was almost all.
He thought that since the fall 
From preconscious One
Into the active energy of Become
That History and all of her messes
Devolved to individual "bless yous,"
And the scale that shows this depth
Can be reeled off in a breath
By any mammal whose consciousness
Swims livelier than a fish.
From a wet and worsted pocket,
With an uncareful, watery shift,
He brought a palmed mouth organ out.

And he thought as he floated there
Between ecstasy and despair
Between the sweet green-glowing swells
Of his mild Cape Hatteras hell
That the shirring, Shelleyan lute
Could be plucked only to confute
The rare, the rightful argument
That evolution in the docks presents:
That obscurity obstinate and disguise
Are designed by chance to make us wise
And lift us by gimmicks to Eternity
On whose verities we may spy.
By the regularity of genital function
By the pageant of reproduction
We place opportune or Platonic kisses
On wicked lips or wicked wishes
And spurt our progeny toward Heaven's swoon,
And like the tiger we sleep at noon.

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