Aug 272011

Once manservant and now no king
Since she the served and sweeping blast
Has hurdled death's ribbed gates again, slipped past
The soft portals opening and entered
The severed countries of the twanging grass.

All ants and minotaurs, and each graved thing
Is of its wicked pulse ice emperor
Under green stars flying backwards and the foreshortened blast
Of horse-headed winds that neigh each eye shut
Loping its crooked trot to dark.

Once queen in the skyey seconds of my breath
With no pale maids attending, and now
A girl with a hollow where her breasts had been
I crawl into the hours of my grief, and lie
In the rose lacquer of her lying-down breath.

Once haunted god by the ramshackle barn
Caved in centuries of twilight and worsted rust
I rummage the windings of this moment's moss
Bite the sands of our last hidden kiss
And breathe all ways at once your lost breath.

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