Sep 142011
Disengage the Sapphic eye,
Unhand the hoary, knuckled clasp

Of sensate effect upon the spine;
Be stripped of skin, and of mere sense

Be shriven, till no feeling falls from flesh
At all--and in this zero zone

When bare and bathed in naked light alone,
Let some jolt of jibeless spirit pique

And have its flash in nothingness;
Let shape arise from faith for once

And remake these mere mirrorings
That offend the everything eternal in a man

As a bilge of dung become a monument
Makes the nose weep for grief

That it had ever lived to smell a rose.
Instead stand deaf, stand blind,

And in inner dark but grope toward wonderment,
And when again some flood of folly

Rolls along the living skin, some ache
Or burn of fullness at the lips, as a kiss

Aches and burns at once,
Let some new, green skeleton

Underpin and resist. 
Let darkness dazzle.

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