Oct 182014
Spring days come smelling
Of thawed dog;
Rivers unfreeze;  a fringe
Of flowers crowns the bog.
Park chains relax and life arrives,
All ages and every look;   
Life invites the worm to wriggle,
The fish to leap its brook.

New lovers find the river
As rivers find the sea;
With picnic hampers and beer
They leisurely fish or leisurely pee.
"Spring must give way to summer,
What's good must give way to great,"
So they think without a thought
And fish where they did skate.   

"It's roses, roses all the way,"
Laugh the lovers young.
They dangle lines from warping docks
And with casual thumbs
Shove small-hearted worms on hooks.
"Just look at how they strive!"
They say, and drop them in the drink.
The old say nothing, having lived.

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