Sep 142011
When nothing is left but divinity
And each man shouts to the next: "Look!
We are become the human angels!"
Wings made fabulous-- disasters surpassing 

Abominable, the bricks of this image.
All will be re-constructed, in Paradise.

                 At the discretion of no God
                 Do I spin and unfurl;

What is the hypothesis of passion?
The inextricable answer in the diamond.

"I am the unnamable silver,
                             past continuation,
I march beyond continent and clime.
I sing without vocable glitter."

               A death that was reasonable shimmers
                Shining ignored in a dirty  jade pool.

 Men will that day become?
 Men will that day become?
 Tales and fables melt to insignificance;
 Palaces disappear in a maze of flames.
 Men will that day become what?

               I woke up in an ecstatic ditch;
               I don't know very much about it.

 The disingenuous suffer overmuch.

 The rhetoric of Democracies!

 Very commendable!

              And after the Sousas and  oompahs....
              And after the senses to  emphasize
                                                what  blankness?

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