Sep 142011
The very astonishing hour has come. 
The very astonishing hour indeed! 
Green Heinekins, jade brain and rose-coral vodkas  
---Exhausted! In one final, fantastic evening. 
Hosannahs invade the empty windows,
spurs of blacks, mysterious 
As the tender invitation of the body. 

Bright, alcoholic after-haloes sift 
               Timid ash upon stale, upraised lips.

Sobriety has entered us
As mourners enter a white church.
Enough of this pathetic quietness! 
This simpering, dog-like wish for 'temperament' 
The madness of faces full of 'sound judgement.' 
I forgive all disasters, all accomplishments, 
Every disguise that announces 'I am finished!' 
Choking its inhabitant as a mirror chokes beauty. 
Songs of sporadic intensity, wicked verses, 
The poem of flayed skin, blind eyesight 
Mutes imagining laughter, I forgive you! 
          Pathetic quiet!
Bring tympans, wild sibilants, 
           Drunken elephants of sound, mists,
the harsh clangour of brass.
New eyes, new hearts, new senses! 
Bring a speech of bloods, the invention of Angels!  
Why was one ever afraid of waking? 
Eh! a little daydream I had in the haypile. 
But now the new era has arrived --this moment!  
Let us revenge the sky for an hour! 
Let us run out muds of new births upon us, 
And seize in hands of ice the very flowing waters-- 
--Dreams of incorporeal perfection! 
Dawn leaves splinter in my eye  
Enacting the death of Satan. 
Vertiginousness in the closet! 
Very astonishing! 

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