Nov 142013
Whispers of solar sojourns
Trouble my sleep--
The resplendent bitter brights,
Bare ferryings from dawn to dusk.

Night's doughtier recriminations,
Also, trouble my sleep:
Dark matter and matted pillows,
Downy throws torqued tight
After the squeaked release
Of magnificent dreams.
Those celestial rodeos
Lassoing old Cygnus there--

Or others, darker-hued,
Leaving me abandoned, bundled, sweated out
Amid spotty silks
And disastered caftans flayed.

Too much dark or too much light!
I do not know which trouble to choose.
I say, "Let the cyan dawn ascend
And shatter me." 

Or, softer, sleepier, "Let the navy night 
Arrive."  Anything, anything other 
Than this continual, nocturnal-diurnal 
I say, "Come sun, come light!
Bring intensely
The prickly press of piercing fact,
Resplendent sheets of divulging day...."
Ach, they trouble my sleep.

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