The Niggard Heralds

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Sep 142011
The inverted bodies hang themselves,
   Interpenetrated, peeled
For us to write riven songs upon their skins!

Sullied sufferers hang themselves from a glass cross
   200 floors toward heaven.
   Bitter Christs!
Loudly you fly from flames to the asphalt,
Absent-minded of your mission:
Your religion has not yet arisen.

We may yet decide to be extinguished.
The gossipy mendacity of the Left
   Aligning with bin Ladens
   To win the miniaturized
Bickerfest with the neighbor;  neighbor
Same as them, hung from the cross the same.

   Orange flares
Line the flyway to infinity
       Or incineration.

Here's a brave man, indifferent to kicks,
Somber under DC's browning ferns,
Ready to kill the willful killers
And treat his countrymen, confused
        As the winter-wind infused weathervane
Like a drunken beloved.

The Wild Hunt

 [Poetry], The Timid Leaper  Comments Off on The Wild Hunt
Aug 312011
A reindeer head and human breast
Prove hunger no mere beast
But a yearning, foreign fire all, great
To least, carry to life's living feast.
Tarry constellations stoop to whisper
In ears sharp as fine feathers on a shaft
What makes the unbrave whimper
And holds the brave man fast:

Undulant hills are too lonely
To have what raves in every heart--
Too unready to live solely
And nurture the dark feast that lasts.
Eat my starry heart, my body and my brain!
Nothing in Nature's self-renewing fast
Can feed what hungering thought may gain
From imagination's last and least.

With a light, clipped clop
Dunning into bright bell the dull rock,
The man with reindeer-headed top
Hunts the night, nor heeds the cock
Rawing dawn into existence,
The one near star whose agony stoops
To burn us hungry out of inward pense
With overwhelming wilderness for crop.