Blue Heron

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Aug 272011

Among the wrack and disorder of the day: dusty floors,
Half carved resemblances and journey-work,
A symbolical blue heron stands
With wild protesting wing and look
No living heron could have struck
Deep in the grain; every crack,
Every waver of the resinous wood
Wakes a pulse in the unnatural neck.
Barren out of a barren sky---
A heron falters to the waters here.

That artist in his studio having aged
Past all bitterness to stark astonishment
At life's rapacious play
Hammers out, from all other unlikelihood
Or savage guess at parts, his fixed man
Crouched in dark patterns of the wood;
And because that image, once complete,
Can finish up the man who bodied it
Gangs of ghostly herons range against the glass,
Stiff against one window to witness it.