The Night Orchard

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Aug 312011

Petal falling followed falling petal
Till all apple trees held was sky above;
Such a burst of sweetness discharged from air
Put mind out of reckoning for its cares.
We walked laughing through the snowing grove
Whirling the fallen in splashes back up,
Widening soft confusions in our wake,
Chapleted in blossoms that all spring throve,
Like trees ourselves glowing with tree-petals.--
Earth and air to a fantastic whiteness blown,
Shining as puddles from yesterday's shower.
Yet trees, for all their loss, did not look to be sad.
To rely on having is to be had.
New leaves yattering new green to new leaves
Talked for all the world about the breeze,
As if blossoms had kept them quieted as snow
And, having shaken off their winter calm to play,
They did not know what to say or know
And so said everything in a single day.
Evening found them standing solemn with the stars
Thinking how little they were themselves
Beneath bright things hung up so far.
Starlight cast down starlight like sky decayed.
All the night orchard stood restored to blaze
As if no single petal of them all
Had suffered earthward a single fall.