Transmutations of the Solid State II

 [Poetry], The Cabana at the Equator  Comments Off on Transmutations of the Solid State II
Aug 262011
Music in the mind is water 
Spelling white mansions in manacle light 
By sloppy oceans, by Atlantic blue. 
The boats became a syncopation of the art,
Swift cutters paddling up to start--- 
Jutting in some over-occasional spray.... 

Splay, the tragic motorblades that mix 
Bones of rubies, your lost and salted eyes, resolute 
Of oceans, seamed into one white salt. 

Who can take the tiger-chime of arced spray 
Away, deep among the dimensionless swoon of day, 
As diamond-dusted angle-trees cure a blue? 
Loops of light on clear glass circulate endlessly
As the shadow of some unbent beauty 
Blends an anchorage with graphite spillage of its heart 

In one still spot. Tranquil water takes 
The unaltered burn of day and rainbows it abroad: 
Exact bright bands of unconquerable split light. 

Transmutations of the Solid State III

 [Poetry], The Cabana at the Equator  Comments Off on Transmutations of the Solid State III
Aug 262011
She stood in her summer arsonage, complete; 
Her arms shoved beauty to the brink. 
In the rapt child-sway of her body blessed, 
She liked to watch it totter. 
Allocate of praise, alone in lividness,
Her Cleopatra charms derange a face 
Made numberless, the legion losses 
Summer and moonlight conspire to take 
In the shrill seconds preceding birth, 
Blazing awkward apt adjectives of light, 
Explosions of burnt rose, blasphemies of sight: 
Her embarrassed breasts consoled a sigh. 

With bicycle moods of syllables, wise
Soft sofa ministries of age displayed,--- 
The scrubbed violation of too many hands 
Already resting after 
The aching dilation of too many years.
Opinionless as steam in vapor rage  
The undiluted, vast minions of grey age 
Remain and inculcated the glass world's verdure. 

O mirror-girl who swam with me! 
Your otter plash alarms, quelled seemings, balms
No untethered slash of wind will solve 
With treasured fingers, knives of burnt cellophane, 
Remain to dissipate 

The slight indignations under fiber lies that
Display and disingenuate 
The twenty mobile armistices of face 
In alcohol alacrities of soul. You blinked 
There, in antechamber emptiness of air,
By a blank slant sea 
Shelving its green shoals in coral fashion 
Against the petticoat interiors of railroad stations: 
The lazy, shoved accoutrements of waiting. 
We were everywhere at once, one summer.
Her working woman's apple-soul 
Daunts momentously the unworked opinions of stars
---Daunts in a moment's unmaking 
The slipped and gradual symmetry of stars. 
white velvet siftings of the filter moon 
Slept in lonely pages of the leaves; 
Sister swelter of the sapphire sun forgot, they became 
The downward shaft and symbol of desire.