Sep 142011
Milk scalds and hisses in the brisk pan--
Bread, spiced with vomit, rises as a gorge,
Hurling health out of heated darks;
Down the whole loaf, don't nibble!
It's the slack shape of a corrupted heart,
Clouded to black rye by my bituminous bloods!
Tear each end off like an ear!
Eat the sour words my soul has abandoned
And kicked into the scabrous vat!
Ringed with wormy eyes like a stowed potato,
Each eye splendid with pins as a voodoo doll.
What I was is cooked in this object,
What I am has sifted to the gutter;
So eat it, eat it! 
Bite and claw with damaged nails--
Swallow a tooth as you swallow my soul.
Choke on it, fuck, and rub the crumbs into your pants--
Drool a glum stain on your silken shirt;
Something icky and indelible
                            should be my memorial.

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