Nov 132013
Wear again, and gaily wear, O
Unchaperoned, the cap of constant love;
Fish it out with dirty fingers--
The dusty cap
That flaps in your back pocket.
Dear duffer, drabbling
In Tuesday's mauve-mangled dusk,
Fatly fit upon your itchy bean, your patchy pate,
The forgotten cap 
Young nights extruded in memorable grass.
Be it papier-mache or toilet tissue,
Beribboned bonnet, or low sombrero,
Let its ostrich feathers fan the fickle
Naysayers' intrusive noses.  
Wear such lapsed cap, such crumpled crown
Gaily atilt,
Or straighten its ancient injured bill--
But let, oh let, your mauve brain be haloed
Constantly, constantly by love.

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