Aug 292011

"The neon fire Prometheus stole
Shown here before us as natural
In a painted campfire fuelled by laurels
Says stealing is Art's only real school;
Mimesis flames from Nature's manual
An ignis fatuus that kills and fools."

Museum explanations and the afternoon
Presume the usual, the accustomed track,
Drag us down to pre-history and myth
And then obligingly back.

"Before us both chameleon and sloth
In the surrealist jungles of deceit
Follow genome's and artist's plotted path,
Blend inhabitant and habitat;
So what could ever differ then, in pith,
Between boar's snort and man's snit?"

Among the crowded halls and windows
Our tourguide of the Louvre
Explicates Christs, perennial widows, the dice,
Hung between anonymous thieves.

"Since birth we're honed
To art and to theft;
To deceive to survive alone
Is Nature's tricky gift;
To get what's been gathered
By others is thrift."

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