Aug 312011

I come to stare at leaves as deep as snow,
That have sent the roots to sea, that know
A restlessness I, restless, know.
I come to stare at leaves as deep as snow.

I turn the rake, send tines upended
Not to use as I intended
But to lean and stare as if deep in snow
And hear the restless things I know:

Too many things put aside or shunted
That had been centered when I started,
Too many things a life must ask us,--
So quick a quiet moment will unmask us.

A moment's thought, and all disguise
Resolves itself into surprise;
A moment more of wonder, even more,
And ignorance the disguise restores.

Leaves unsheltered by the coming wind
Rub the half-bare trees where they began;
They move as they would there once again
Climb to be leaves returned by wind.

Deep behind the mask, a whisper knows
There's an old hole of light to show
Just where we've come, and yet may go,
Among restless leaves as deep as snow.

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