Jan 142015
When man-draped blood dripped
Myself down from heaven with a dropping cry
Spilling this body from pained hip's lips
Crying life, life to live, life alive,
Did any other come dumb a-tumble,
Riding my shoulders, a capable wonder?

And roaring unlovely all lonely's lessons,
A dripping waxwork with a burning wick,
My bone-alone prayers wrung, sung in session
Where echoes creep cold to double and mock:
Is it I alone who lives, who dies,
Unlovely in my body's sack of lies?

Upright in the everywhere-nowhere now
With something-nothing thrown on shoulder and brow,
And naked if I only knew how,
The I behind I unfurls a brown shroud
Dote-silent now as twice aloud-loud,
Incapable as a cloud.

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