Aug 212011
No more can I turn aside with sunny face
When the shocks of life upbraid me;
No longer can I see in the casual stranger's face
Opportunities new unknown for causal love.
Whatever has brought me to this pass
Must heave me onward!  Nothing without
Bears my trust as had our friendship bourne
--How easily!--as on a giant's back lighlty rides
A sparrow!  heedless strength to carry all
And to tar all things with easy hope.
Far into the night with weariless footpad
We had pressed, uncaring where the journey led
So long as sojourn had no ending.
Suggestive shadows of rock and claustric wood
Held no terrors for we two;  we two
Who knew our honest talk could shrink
Dark's impostures down to shadow's sham.
Gone are those trusts, that happiness.
Now rock and dark (ay, and rust and rot)
Penetrate my nimble being like a pin
Whose first sharpness opens slowly into wound
Raw and unmendable, flinching if an ash
Although cold as the bearing wind
Should light upon its open redness.

Now every face in my kind circle 
Comes to nothingness or less;
For ain't it worse than all the loss
Of miser-miserable death to lose
What has no reason to be lost,
Imposed division, needless cost?
Who'll now give heart to my restless quest,
Remain for dinner and depart a guest
As closely allied in the heart
As one who never did, or would, depart.

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