Jan 142015
The crayon crammed sun, dear,
Roaring and soundless, fountains
A crooked rivering stalk to the grave
For it is summer and never
Among the milkweed floods of grass
Will everyday angels flame again
Dawn wise and luminous as thread
Out of the martian mysterious dark,
So tall was the flying sunshine 
Spied in your crinkled eyes.

The milky sun hung up the sour day
With daylong hands played the harp grasses 
That plucked our praise soaked ears
There on the floor of light
For it was summer and ever
Our milk licked unmanageable bones
Pounded joy and adoring down
The auroraed roughs of our breaths
Till silk dripping souls announced
Heaven commences at our fingertips.

Oh it was dawn and noon, and night
Dropped his forgotten trunk of darks
Among the staggered stars as I came,
The sun's brother, halogened as haloes
Shining my wary wishes in the air
For it was summer come and never
In the pearly rivers of the grass,
Will I silk my grabbing eyes again
On the welcome at once loving
Of your eiderdown sighing skin.

Now ambergris and matchless
The mirage trod moon emerges like a tear
Over a mourning soul simple as sleep.
And because summer is overthrown
And night has leapt up like a cat
Under the harp tongued tree of cells
My vegetable hand now grows
Mannerly and large to grief:
O Time has denied me nothing
Of his licorice whips and nickels
Nor eboned one nightfall or fastness
Shut on your ghost wasted alien eyes.

Pulled by the spoken tide of the clock
At midnight moonless rest I writhe
Resplendent in my bent vest of ribs
And hear both tomb and rumor tumbled dumb
By the mild handmaidens of your sighs
For it is summer gone and hollow
And sorrow's gone down with the moon
And though I tongue earth's dust floods
For all those romancing eyes gone under
Fate's timeline is still the grass on fire
Burning where the wood was wild.

And the crumpled sun, broken, bears
Funeral tears in the brain
That wombwise and graveward crawl
Down the fiery alcoholic face
For it was never summer or was it
Under my coal thumbed universal eyes;
And only the bigsouled sourceless moon
Drowned and void in the jailhouse dark
Remains and grieves derailed sighs
Over night locked trees tall as grasses.

Do not grieve, brave, with whys
Or hemorrhage one ear with a sigh;
No heavenhelp salves such ashes.  
O Let instead the dear uncandled dead 
Cry mercy up to my eyes.

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