Aug 212011
Forgotten friend!  forgot beyond
	 The soul of solace in the cold,
	 Friend whose tale is yet untold
Resurrect! and before me stand.

Let memory chalice the ghost
	 Spilled to rumors beyond recall;
	 He lives yet, he did not fall,
Yet his bodying has no host.

What is this absent creature then
	 Who lives to others, shares their views
	 Of russet sunsets, yet eschews
The gravid face of his old friend?

Damned by discord, torn in twain,
	 Yet present to the fervid pitch
	 Of inner sense, a lively nothing which
Makes all mem'ry the mem'ry of pain.

Reveal!  From shadow, gloom and gloam
	 Stand forth!  and be again alive;
	 Here, where your memory still thrives,
Your dear self has yet a home.

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