Nov 132013
How I love this woman!
Through the open door of my soul
Into the wide fields of thee!
You stand unashamed in dainty dignity,
A fine mind and eyes unblinded,
Fresh and ready as grass after rain.

Out into the nude acres I go,
Barefooted and bareheaded, anxious to serve
Such swaths of white wildernesses!
As a bee attends the minutest bloom,
So I follow the shadow of your going
And canopy all the Earth with song!

My soul awoke one night with you,
And still in legendary dark pursues
This new star in the evening sky.
High above forests, horizons, and Hell
You shine divinely, adjusting your jacket
Or pushing a button into your narrow lapel.

I sing the visionary river
Flowing wayward and seaward at once!
The bark and chuckle of otters, I sing,
The wet salt that shapes the beach--
I sing the long celebratory downhill race
To the frigid lake beloved of ducks. . . .

I sing landscape and inscape,
Outside and inside, day and night, and you.

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