Aug 212011
If some grave power left us here,
	 Solitary seekers in  the night,
	 Lonely voyeurs of the light,
Shall we blaspheme what strength appears?

Far better, broader, more intense
	 To see the sign of good in things;
	 Amid haphazard waywardings,
Love what loveliness may commence.

If ever a bright butterfly
	 Has brought you unsuspected joy
	 Neath the canopy dark destroys,
Bless its shimmer and bless that sky.

If ever before brown defeat
	 Some glower gives some hint of glow,
	 Or all you are's not all you know,
Listen still to that heart, that beat.

If ever when wind's against us
	 Snarling sails that'd happily snapped
	 You feel amidst the clip and clap
One soft kiss blow, then don't resist.

If higher than twin towers' crowns
	 Your hopes have ever heralded
	 Only to be trapped back and barred
From achievement and from renown,

Listen still to what hope had heard,
	 Lift aloft for the light you saw
	 In premonition of your fall;
Seek heaven though it be in shards.

More lies in our looking there
	 With lovely eyes, tho' full of cares,
	 With hearts that have not ceased to share,
More of consequence than despair.

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