Jun 042015
In beginning wind
When the skimmed sea flats emerge into light
And caw-telling gulls descend from their windings
To strut on day's sands in awkward delight

Out of the blind tides,
Accept the sea gift forwarding on offering foams--
See the lean sun's gild winning wide
Over night's severing assertions.

Out of rowing waters
Where prayer begins and praying ends
Greet with singing praise the braided mermaid daughters
Fanning landward on green fins.

In awe's dawning
Love where silver standing waves uprise in halo
And clouds ponder cherubic from abodes above
At this day's sandy birthing.

Beat on unrelenting 
Oh morning come glorying from chaos and mayhem
Beat on beyond the dusk wind's sheeted lamenting
Sail me windward and onward amen.

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