Aug 212011

A.	Romance, Love
i.	She = landscape;  love and desire explain our place on the earth
ii.	Landscape is just beyond lovers' concern and understanding; address to Noelle
iii. She = landscape;  stars in her hair;  harmonious completion on nature by 
    imagination in tune with desire; night has a human warmth
iv.	Landscape = she; desire leaps out, coloring what is
v.	She is missing;  object of desire dies, yet desire remains;  memory transforms 
    moment to sadness

B.	Futility, Repetition
vi.	Landscape is self-contained and repeats itself;  will this be enough without her?
vii.	Seeking after cause of all;  trapped in objective world
viii.	Organizing separated consciousness;  imagination takes in what is, maps it
ix.	Difficulty of saying what is in terms of self;  repetition calms, gives clues, 
    reduces chaos of what is
x.	Despair, repeat of moods, is our weather;  links self to reality by sharing 
    repetition and circularity

C.	Speech, Words
xi.	Listen to outer reality;  it too speaks as self speaks to itself
xii.Words are not just human;  they are an expression of reality as it is as well;  
    refrains of wind
xiii.	Silence sources the mis-match of words and reality; failure of final correspondence
xiv.	How does speech work to encode our desire to connect with reality;  do these words 
    interact with what is real or not?
xv.	Questioning of what is heard;  is it real, or mere self-projection?
xvi.	Speaker finds his identity in writing down gestures of what is in a way that 
    sharpens inner feeling;  feelings are the inner reality that matches objective reality

D.	Aging, Death
xvii.	Time marches on;  self will die one day
xviii.	Desire for contact with the real inside the limit of time
xix.	Loss of attractiveness;  but not death of desiring;  this is aging;  our hearts are 
    less supple in response to reality, tempted to be didactic
xx.	Mundane reality is insufficient to the spirit's deepest needs
xxi.	Age focuses desire;  its force grows as its time diminishes
xxii.	Nothing new in outer reality is available to be learned;  connection with the 
    spirit of imagination replaces reaching out into the real
xxiii.	Wish for certainty;  weariness at the insufficiency of what reality has delivered
xxiv.	Speech continues to express imagination's desire even in age's lengthening ennui

E.	Meditation, Creative Urge
xxv.	Imagination is considered as capable of tying together inner and outer reality
xxvi.	Meditation = motion in the world.;  the poem is an object
xxvii.	Creativity is in all actions of the mind, shaping and even creating the 
    reality we experience
xxviii.	Reality changes;  we carry its impact with us even when reality is not directly accessible
xxix.	Experience, approached by imagination, can continually refresh the spirit
xxx.	Figurations of reality do not deform that reality;  what is continually re-asserts 
    its completeness independent of imagination

F.	Final Sequence
xxxi.	Humility before the self-sufficiency of reality's self-creating process of Life
xxxii.	Self in the now can be content in contact with reality
xxxiii.	River reflects both reality and our wishes as they project into reality;  
    something there is that is deeper than words or desires
xxxiv.	Reality dances on, we with it;  reality is enhanced by our questioning of it, and 
    our re-imagining it;  experience is sharpened
xxxv.	Reality comes to an end;  and, with  it, the imagination completes its project of creation

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