Jun 042015
Run through woods where woods run wild
Where waters of life limn the still moon pool
And birds of every marvellous feather
Cry Alive, alive at last, alive forever
In a believing fever abruptly cooled
By a blowdown blessing wind.

Run through woods though running must end
And the shadow-domed forest dissolve to light,
Your bird-quest pecked to dickering questions,
Crying Why oh why time's devastation
In a shutting autumn that must close in night
In the saddened manner all things end.

Run till the moon comes runs you down
Though lightning stream as mad as milk
And thunder shiver where wonder had struck
All the child-long days of your winning luck
When the old moon-shroud shone pearl-sewn silk--
Cry with the birds in the deep wood hidden

I fletch my wayward soul toward heaven.

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