Jan 302015
Once in seething time, I came into my curse:
A friend unfriendly wore his face reversed.
And all my friends, the small fry fishes, 
Sieved themselves from the chaos bay.

And the lone moon sang its fluted bone;
And night's tooth conned the meat of day;
And safe in my shallow's hollows, I
Worked out corrupted wonder's why.

Long in my wondering den then,
Crying among rainbow shoals of corals
(Each the quick color of a friend),
I banded in briars my heart with hurts
'Til cursed and closed in mental hearse
I heard the helpmeet of my wound's verse.

Her samaritan's purse snapped ripe,
And rosy were all her monies' colors:
Those folds red-gold and green as apples.
With her tender hand salving soft and softer,
Binding the wound where wonder once was
Healing with hushed touch scars' stars, she

Paid my way out from hurt's solitude to awe.

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