Jan 302015
The badger in winter
Is walking his dreamscape
In coffindark torpor
In yellow fallow forb
His fierce face tucked in his tail
His tail laid soft as milkweed seed.

The badger in winter
In the cove cave of his burrow home
Laid warm against snows on the sandy plains,
Against the shark-finned wind
In downcast loam,
Walks his dream summer faraway gone.

Deep in the seed of his needing
Halfway warmed from torpor
He remembers the flattened grey grasses
Tall in their summer disguises
In fields were he snuffled and wagged
His striped head like a hungry pennant.

A badger backed in a corner
Nearsighted and clawing for air
Rears like a miniature bear
Ragged teeth intense to attack
His mind alone as the winter
He sleeps through on his back.

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