Jun 042015
The wind persists--
Its kiss a hiss,
Knocks on boxes,
Backwards bleating,
The trees unseating,
The swing untwisting.
The slapped gate yapping,
Its lock unlocked,
Gapes and shuts,
Clacks slats to bits.

This chimney hisses,
The winds persists.

Pushed puddles dimple,
Marred mud wrinkles;
Single shingles whip,
Wanton windchimes clap.
Clouds grim and grey
Unbolt the baying day--
Torn fingertip twigs tangle,
Scratch pathless patches,
Flick flattened dirts, flung
Signs unhung,

The leaves insisting
The winds persist.

Wild wind feathers
Her hair behind her.
The terrible weathers
Shiver swing tethers,
Flap seats to branches;
Ripe rain rings down,
Unburies the ground,
Sounds bells in gutters,

Slippery mutters
The wind persists.

A house unhinged
Chases the wind--
A sting, a scream,
A body blown,
The unknown sown.

The mind a mist....
The wind persists.

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