Jan 142015
When threads are cut that held us close,
When the snapped hand snips the ribbon,
The veiny net that pulled round wrist and bone
Shredded is.

When lungs surrender to a liquid ill
And drowned men dead we fodder fish,
The rose-red sea that we had swived
Arid is.

When words have ceased to traffic truth
And goose to goose give gossips' proof,
Our mutual tale told in the mirror
Sheeted is.

Alien we stand who shared one knocked breath,
One saying syllable for our daily prayer,
One look, one heart enduring Time's
Omnivorous is.

Alien we die: out of syllables, out of breath,
Crossed as words, incompatible as knots,
And no more face-to-face face each other
In grave is.

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