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Aug 282011

Poem – To by from Gregg Brown on Vimeo.


You, my several, severed,
Gentle selves, limned with wishes--
In the dawnwash of daybreak delivered
(When sleep's gone over to ashes),
I write my soul's shelving shore
On eyelids and tears.

Come, while the saying's braying
And the farmshed's full of wisdom
Lowing to be milked by however praying,
Come walk the dawn's ways, and some
Of your gentle heart's heats share
With mouth and ear.

Together in the forevering grace
Of day brought burning from its source
Let's let simplest and supremest play
Nor ask the sun to go another course
But with hands crossed as lilies lay
Dissolve into love.

Video – Missing

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Aug 262011

Poem – Missing by from Gregg Brown on Vimeo.


  for Marie

She walked with me some while beside the wood,
Knowing only what we neither understood:
The way was dark;  the path confused, but good.

What'd tumbled down to make the walking trouble
Came, at least, from above to have us stumble;
At least, though lost, we were paired and doubled.

All about us moved what we took as gloom,
A dark in darkness beyond the dark of rooms
-Unsure if ourselves or wood had bade it come.

She sang in fallen night, the moon standing by,
Sang of something farther on, past sky
And night, past unanswered owl and me.

Something settled round her then, some shine;
A startlement in branches brought a shadow down;
She was not the world's;  nor was she mine.

Jun 282011
Gregg Glory (Gregg G. Brown)

Gregg Glory (Gregg G. Brown)

Gregg Glory [ Gregg G. Brown ] has devoted his life to poetry since happening across a haiku by Moritake, to wit:

float back up to the branch–
Ah! butterflies.

He runs the micro-publishing house BLAST PRESS, which has published over two dozen authors in the past 25 years. Named in honor of the wild Vorticist venture by Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis, BLAST PRESS is forward-looking and very opinionated.

He still composes poems on his departed father’s clipboard, which he’s had since High School.

Published in: BlueLINE, Exquisite Corpse, Blunderbuss, Monmouth Review, Asbury Park Press (60K circulation).

Co-Host of the long-running River Read reading series in Red Bank, which features NJ and national poets.

Associate Editor of the literary magazine This Broken Shore.

Founder and CEO of BLAST PRESS, a literary mirco-publisher that has published over a hundred poetry and literary titles over the last quarter century.

Two-time Asbury Park Poet Laureate awarded by the Asbury Music Awards.

BLAST PRESS is always looking for chapbook-length single-author poetry book submissions (30-70 pages).

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