Aug 172011

Shadows strike the creviced lesions of his face, an unkempt, permanent-marker bearding of Michaelangelo’s statue of David. Only a complete suffusion of light seems oblation enough, surrender enough, to this great granite bastion. What bird would dare nest in its divots? Gravity harvests the imperfect rocks to the valley floor where they land haphazardly, dusty pebbles clapped from the sandals of God, each one the size of an overturned Plymouth. If Rachmaninoff had tossed the bones of the earth with his giant hands, this would be his last and greatest piano concerto. El Capitan! Life salutes its commander. The eternal stone, however, was not created hump by hump as living things are begat but was by the sinuous chisel of an icy glacier revealed. The glacier alone in its monumental tons of frozen force wiped the dirty windshield clear to reveal… our littleness

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