Aug 182011

I’ve got the last nail in two new books: “Evil Interludes,” a compelling, fast-paced novel about a poet, Charles Baudelaire, author of the impeccable and fascinating “Flowers of Evil.”. I’ll post the titles of some good books about Baudelaire, many of which I mined for inspiration, along with my visit to an absinthe bar in San Francisco. The other book is a Cali travel journal interspersed with many prose poems called “Sipping Beer in the Shadow of God.” A big part of the journey for me was to see Yosemite again, and to attempt to get down some of the feelings that the place inspires. I have only scratched the surface with my nib.

My next project is a contemporary novel set in the New Jersey beach area around Long Branch and Asbury Park. I am avidly collecting lively anecdotes. Please share some in the comments, or by email. Thanks in advance.

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